Bali West 2019 – Snake Tour

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Like some other parts of Indonesia, Bali was home for big mammals such as elephant and tiger,
although they no longer exist since early of last century.
However, Bali still is rich of wildlife. There are 300 species of birds occupy the island.
The amphibian and reptile fauna of Bali is a combination of species associated with the humid
tropical habitats of southeast Asia and species associated with the drier environments of eastern
Indonesia and New Guinea.
The fauna comprises 14 species of frogs and 57 species of land reptiles, plus marine species.
The snakes are the most diverse group of reptiles and amphibians on Bali.
And that’s why we go for a Snake-tour with Bali Reptile Rescue.
Bali Reptile Rescue is an amazing non-profit organization that rescues and rehabilitates snakes all
over Bali. With their habitats being developed, snakes often end up in peoples homes and gardens.
Unfortunately because of lack of education and fear, this usually ends badly for the snakes.
Residents in Bali can call Bali Reptile Rescue any time, day or night, to remove the
snake from their home safely and with minimal stress to the animal.
One of the ways Bali Reptile Rescue raise money for their operating costs is to take visitors on
snake tours, mostly in West Bali where there are still large wild populations of some amazing
creatures, like the star of the show, King Cobras..